Commercial Performance Standards

The Commercial Performance Standards provide Servicing Carriers information designed to contain costs, ensure prompt customer service and timely payment of legitimate claims, and prevent the payment of inflated, fraudulent and unwarranted claims.

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On April 6, 2021, modifications to the Commercial Performance Standards were approved by the Division of Insurance.
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Order - April 6, 2021

Memorandum of Changes

Commercial Performance Standards

Commercial Performance Standards

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Table of Contents


Standard I: Motor Vehicle Physical Damage & Property Damage Liability Claims

Standard II: Bodily Injury & Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

Standard III: No-Fault Personal Injury Protection Benefits Handling

Standard IV: Voluntary/Ceded Claim Handling Differential

Standard V: Expenses

Measurements & Penalties


The Appendices to the Commercial Performance Standards document audit and SIU procedures used to verify compliance with the Performance Standards and contain copies of statutes and regulations that are referenced in the Performance Standards.

Appendix A: CAR SIU Standards

Appendix B: 211 CMR 123.00

Appendix C: Direct Payment Plan

Appendix D: 212 CMR 2.04

Appendix E: 211 CMR 133.00

Appendix F: 211 CMR 94.00

Appendix G: Chapter 90D, Section 20

Appendix H: Chapter 175, Section 24D

Appendix I: CAR Compliance Audit Claim Review Process

Appendix J: CAR SIU File Review Process

Appendix K: Compliance Audit Claim Questionnaire

Word Document Downloadable Questionnaire

Appendix L: Industry Best Practices – Performance Standards

Appendix M: NAIC Standards

Appendix N: Division of Insurance, Bulletin 2017-06

Full Manual

The 2021 Commercial Performance Standards and Appendices have been combined into one .pdf document to allow for easier printing.
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