Online Telecommunications

The Online Telecommunications Manual describes the various applications available on the Online Telecommunications System and provides the detailed instructions needed to execute them.

To allow for easier navigation within the Telecommunications Manual, "bookmarks" have been inserted to index important sections. When the Telecommunications Manual is opened, a bookmark window will also open. This will allow users to navigate within the manual based upon the bookmarks that CAR has created.

Security Forms

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Security

Chapter 3: Log-on and Log-Off Procedures

Chapter 4: Cession System

Chapter 5: CAR Accounting Policy Histories

Chapter 6: Producer Matrix System

Chapter 7: Statistical Policy Histories

Chapter 8: Statistical Corrections

Chapter 9: SIU Identification System

Chapter 10: Rule 29 Credit Edit

Chapter 11: Cession Volume/Participation Ratio Data

Chapter 12: Allocated Expense System

Chapter 13: CAR Accounting Online Corrections

Chapter 14: Reinsurance Audit Access System

Chapter 15: Experience Rating System

Chapter 16: Average Cost Per Claim System

Chapter 17: Statistical Online Lookup System

Chapter 18: Policy Based Producer Code

Appendix A: List of Phone Numbers for Assistance

The entire Online Telecommunications Manual has been compiled into a single .pdf document for printing or viewing.

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