Access Information for Reports & Applications

Every company must have at least one Security Administrator to serve as a single point contact between CAR and all of the company's users.   The Security Administrator does not need to have a technical background.  If the company has more than one location, it can have more than one Security Administrator.  Security Administrator duties include requesting employee access, addressing security problems, and serving as a liason between CAR Staff and the company's users.

New Company - Getting Started

Step 1: Assign a security administrator, by completing the Access Agreement form.  The Access Agreement stipulates the terms for gaining and maintaining access to secure reports.

Step 2: Submit this form to CAR. The Administrator can email or fax the form to expedite the process.  The original Access Agreement form must be mailed to CAR at the address listed below.

Step 3: Within 1-2 business days, CAR will notify the Security Administrator of their user ID and password.  This account will have access to the Security Administration function that will allow additional users to be requested.

Current Company - Change or Add a Security Administrator

Step 1: Complete the Access Agreement form.

Step 2: Submit this form to CAR with an explanation, especially if the current Security Administrator needs to be deleted.

To learn more about CAR's security protocol and secure reports, please consult the Access Information Guide.

If you don't know who the security administrator is for your company or would like to email the Access Agreement, contact CAR's Data Operations Department.  CAR's fax number is 617-338-5422.

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