Email Distributions

CAR uses email distribution to send information out to the Industry. These emails may contain links to documents on our website or attached files that are sent with the email. If you are unable to access any of these documents please review the topics below. If you require assistance please email

Links to Files

Many of the emails will be sent with links to files located on our website. To access these files click on the link at the bottom of the email. Most files will load once the appropriate viewer has opened. Due to file sizes and some network connections download times will vary.

Adobe Reader

CAR uses Adobe Reader for document distribution. Most issues with opening PDF documents occur due to the wrong version of Adobe Reader being used to view these documents. CAR recommends using the most current version of Adobe Reader. Please visit the Adobe website to obtain the latest version.

Spam Filter

If you are not receiving a distribution notice and you are on a publication distribution list, please check your email client to ensure the email has not gone to a junk email or spam filter. To ensure you continue receiving distributions add to the safe recipients list in your email client.

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