Residual Market Services

Membership and Participation Responsibilities: Company CAR Memberships, member compliance and the issuance of company code numbers for statistical reporting and required certification of insurance on Registry of Motor Vehicle forms. Qualification of Limited Assignment Distribution Companies (private passenger) and oversight of the Request for Proposal and selection of Servicing Carriers for the commercial automobile and taxi/limousine programs.

Company/Producer Responsibilities: Oversight and administration of company producer code reporting, relationships between private passenger residual market producers and member companies, the appointment of Exclusive Representative Producers to commercial and/or taxi/limousine Servicing Carriers. Mediate residual market issues between companies and residual market producers.

Producer Responsibilities: Certification and compliance oversight of Assigned Risk Producers. (private passenger) Qualification and assignment of Exclusive Representative Producers. (commercial automobile) Oversee and manage producer compliance with the Rules of Operation. Develop and maintain the Assigned Risk Producer Manual.

Commercial Automobile Oversight: Monitor the quality of ceded commercial automobile premium data through Servicing Carrier audits and use of the CAR Rate Edit Program. Oversight of Servicing Carrier compliance with regard to CAR Rule 7, Experience Rating, cession eligibility and coverage issues. Develop and maintain CAR’s Commercial Automobile Insurance Manual.

Document Retention: Archive all notices, transcripts, records, bulletins, and supporting documentation produced or received by CAR. Residual Market Services is also responsible for making filings with public agencies and the Courts on behalf of the Governing Committee, its advisory committees and CAR's management.

Contact Information

Mr. John Metcalfe
Residual Market Services Director

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