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The Governing Committee Review Panel is charged with the responsibility to review appeals made by member companies and licensed producers aggrieved by any alleged unfair, unreasonable, or improper practice of CAR or a Member with respect to the operation of CAR. Only Governing Committee members may serve on this Committee and decisions of the Governing Committee Review Panel are considered to be those of the full Governing Committee.

Mr. James Hyatt Arbella Insurance Group Chair
Mr. Sumner Gilman Economy Insurance Agency, Inc. Vice Chair
Mr. John Kelly MAPFRE U.S.A. Corporation
Ms. Paula Gold Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation 1st Company Alternate
Mr. Thomas Harris Quincy Mutual Group 2nd Company Alternate
Mr. Thomas DePaulo Meridian Insurance Agency, LLC. 1st Producer Alternate
Mr. John Olivieri, Jr. J. K. Olivieri Insurance Agency, Inc. 2nd Producer Alternate
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