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CAR believes in providing superior customer service to the Massachusetts automobile insurance market. In order for CAR to meet industry needs and provide thorough and informative training sessions, we need objective assessments of these programs. Please complete the feedback form below and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.
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Rating System




1. CAR addressed all topics selected.
2. CAR staff was knowledgeable, articulate, and professional in presenting the material.
3. You found the training session informative and comprehensive.
4. Using the online telecommunications system and/or web-based applications as part of the training proved beneficial.
5. The information you received from CAR helps to reduce the complexity of CAR's rules and reporting requirements.
6. With the information you received from the training session, your company will be able to reduce its costs.
7. The categories provided on the training brochure covered all your company's needs.
8. You would recommend a training session to other industry personnel, either in your own company or at another company.
9. You would request a follow-up training session with CAR if necessary.
10. If the training session was held at CAR, please rate the following categories:
   a. Room layout and comfort  
   b. Audio / Visual Equipment  
11. Do you have any comments or suggestions to improve the training sessions in the future?
12. Do you have any additional training needs where CAR can help?
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