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Data Quality/Data Reporting - Statistical Agent Function
Statistical Reporting
Correction of Errors (including the On-line Correction System)
Annual Statement Reconciliation
VIN Editing

Data Quality/Data Reporting - Commercial Residual Market Function
Cession Reporting (Including the On-line Cession System)
Accounting System (Including the On-line Accounting System)
    Critical Errors
    Non-Critical Errors
    Cession/No Premium Errors
    Net Negative Errors
    Flat Cancellation Sample
Experience Rating (Including the On-line Experience Rating System)
Commercial Rate Edit

Data Quality/Data Reporting - PP Residual Market Function - MAIP
MAIP Placement Record Reporting
Rule 29 Credit Edit System
Take-Out Credit Reporting

Data Quality/Data Reporting - General/Overall
Overview of data/applications on CAR's Telecommunications System and website
Overview of CAR's Data Quality Programs/Penalties

MAIP - Policy Processing/Quota Share
Assignment Process
Lane Bolling Premium Comparison
Quota Share

Compliance Audit - Private Passenger
Hybrid Audits
    Premium Statistical
    Claims Statistical
    Claims Performance Standards
    SIU Audit and SIU Requirements
General Claim handling practices, Procedures, and reporting methodologies

Compliance Audit - Commercial
Statistical Audits
Underwriting Premium Rating
Claims Performance Standards
SIU Audit and SIU Requirements
General Claim handling practices, Procedures, and reporting methodologies

Residual Market Volume Reports and Book of Business Volume Cubes
Loss Reserving Reports
Commercial Participation Formula (Rule 11)
Quarterly Financial Reports (including Member Partcipation & Settlement of Balance)

    Company Membership
    Rule 20 Review
    Producer Assignment, Reassignment, or Termination
    Producer Code Reporting
    Servicing Carrier Responsibilities
    ARC Performance Standards
    ARP Compliance Procedures

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