Customized Training Program Areas

Based upon past expereinces and need evaluation, CAR has developed five general areas and related, specific topics from which we can customize a training program. In addition, the program is flexible enough to incorporate other areas of need unique to your company. To select a customized training session, complete the Enrollment Form. Companies are also requested to provide CAR staff with feedback relative to their training session via the Feedback Form.

Data Quality/Data Reporting

The Data Operations and Data Quality Departments are responsible for collecting, processing, and reviewing the timeliness and integrity of the data that is reported to CAR, not only as it relates to our statistical function, but also the residual market function.


Statistical and Reinsurance Audits are conducted to test the accuracy of company data reported to CAR. These audits address statistical reporting errors that were not previously indentified by CAR's front-end edit systems. They are performed in accordance with CAR's role as the statistical agent and as the residual market mechanism for Massachusetts automobile insurance.


The Claims Department conducts examinations of claim files and works with Servicing Carriers to ensure that companies are following generally accepted claims handling practices, procedures, and reporting methodologies as well as following specific CAR, industry, and statutory requirements.


This area encompasses the financial and quantitative aspects of CAR's reinsurance function. Several reports and processes relating to memeber company participation are addressed.


Servicing Carrier responsibilites, relationships between agents and brokers and their contracted companies, and Quota Share are all covered under this function.

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