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Residual Market News

Residual Market Rate and Rule Filing – April 1, 2011

On February 1, 2011, the Division of Insurance placed CAR’s Private Passenger Residual Market rates on file for policies effective April 1, 2011 and subsequent. The filing includes the replacement of Symbol rating with the Vehicle Rating Group (VRG) program.

  • VRG Program – NEW!

    The VRG program assigns vehicles to groups in order to reflect expected cost differences arising from the type of vehicle insured. VRGs replace current vehicle symbols and are assigned to vehicles as new model years are introduced. Once assigned, a VRG is not subject to change. This methodology will be used to rate the collision, limited collision and comprehensive coverages in order to develop the vehicle's physical damage premium. VRG codes 11-50 are used for model years 1985 and subsequent and vehicles may be assigned different VRG codes for collision and comprehensive premium calculation. For model years prior to 1985, the vehicle will be rated on a Stated Amount Basis in accordance with Rule 41 of the Massachusetts Private Passenger Residual Market Automobile Insurance Manual and the vehicle's appraised value will be used to determine the VRG.

For additional information relative to the April 1, 2011 rate filing, refer to Bulletin No. 940, dated February 1, 2011 or the Massachusetts Private Passenger Residual Market Automobile Insurance Manual.

Producer Compliance

Assigned Risk Producer Suspension Activity

On an ongoing basis, CAR audits business assigned through the MAIP to verify application information to assure compliance with CAR's Rules of Operation and operating procedures. Over the course of the past year, these audits have resulted in the suspension of agency certification for 19 Assigned Risk Producers, which includes the denial of access to the MAIP Policy Application for a period of no less than one month and not more than six months. The reasons for these suspensions included falsification of application information in an attempt to affect an assignment to a specific Assigned Risk Company, submission of false and unverified applicant information in an effort to secure vehicle registrations, mishandling of insured premium funds, failure to return unearned commissions to an Assigned Risk Company and failure to provide CAR with a current copy of the agency license.

For additional information regarding a producer's MAIP responsibilities, refer to Rule 31 – Assigned Risk Producer Requirements of CAR's Rules of Operation and Chapter II – General Responsibilities of the Assigned Risk Producer Procedures Manual.


1. If a risk has been cancelled for non-payment within the last 24 months, how is the required premium deposit on a MAIP policy calculated?

In accordance with Rule 28 – Application Process of CAR's Rules of Operation, the MAIP Policy Application system calculates the premium deposit as 25% of the quoted policy premium based on the MAIP rates. However, if the risk has been cancelled for non-payment of premium within the last 24 months, the producer is required to collect 80% of the calculated MAIP premium or 100% of the Assigned Risk Company's voluntary premium, if known.

2. Is a vehicle that performs snowplowing during the winter months eligible for MAIP coverage?

In order to eligible for MAIP coverage, the vehicle must meet the definition of private passenger in accordance with Rule 27 – Private Passenger Definition of the Massachusetts Private Passenger Residual Market Automobile Insurance Manual. There is nothing in the definition or policy language which would exclude the snowplow. The vehicle should be assigned to Rate Class 30 – Business Use (unless a higher rated inexperienced operator class applies), and the Assigned Risk Company may choose to increase the symbol or use the Customized Equipment endorsement to develop the appropriate premium to include the snowplow. Information concerning the snowplow should be included in the Remarks section of the application.

In all cases, you should carefully consider whether your client’s insurance needs would be better addressed by a Commercial policy for this exposure.

3. After assignment, what company name does a producer use when stamping an RMV form?

Use the exact name of the Assigned Risk Company that received the assignment. To identify the company that received the assignment, go to the MAIP Assignments page and view the Checklist for that policy.

Going Online

Producer Profile Application – NEW!

CAR has implemented a Producer Profile Application which provides agency personnel with MAIP compliance information and a detailed analysis of the producer's book of business, based upon data that companies have statistically reported to CAR. A variety of informational reports are available including those that provide private passenger and commercial loss ratios, exposure by premium town and company/policy effective date and book of business by rate class, limits and merit rating status. This application also allows the producer to view contact and licensing information on record at CAR for their agency.

The Producer Profile Application is a secure application and is accessed by logging onto the MAIP with your MAIP user ID and password and clicking on the Producer Profile link. A validated agency user will only have access to its own agency’s information.

Please take the time to log on and view your agency’s profile.

MAIP Home Page Enhancement

The MAIP Policy Application home page has recently been redesigned to provide producer, company and industry users with relevant information organized by target audience. The producer section of the home page provides producers with breaking news items and other important MAIP information impacting the producer community.

Please be sure to check the home page each time you log into the MAIP Policy Application as information displayed on this page will be updated on a regular basis.

MAIP Policy Application Modifications

  • Vehicle Rating Group (VRG) to Replace Symbol

    For policies effective April 1, 2011 and subsequent, upon entering a VIN on the Vehicle page, two VRGs will be returned; one for collision and one for comprehensive. For higher priced vehicle models, where the VRG assigned for either collision or comprehensive is 50, the producer will be required to enter the vehicle's base list price in order for the vehicle to be properly rated. The base list price is defined as the MSRP for the vehicle with no additional options included. For model years prior to 1985, the producer will be required to enter the vehicle's appraised value as these model years will be rated on a Stated Amount basis. For those vehicles not assigned to a VRG, the MAIP Policy Application will default to a VRG code of 24.

  • Low Speed Vehicle Classification Added

    Low Speed Vehicle classifications have been added to the Rate Class drop down box on the Vehicle page. Rate Class 80 indicates Low Speed Vehicle and Rate Class 81 indicates Low Speed Vehicle – Senior.


Current Copy of Producer License

It is required that a current copy of each producer's license be on file with CAR. Assigned Risk Producers must forward a copy of their license to CAR upon renewal since failure to provide CAR with a current and valid agency license will result in the suspension of access to the MAIP Policy Application and could result in the possible decertification of the Assigned Risk Producer.

CAR's automated email reminder application prompts producers to forward a copy of their license upon renewal with an initial reminder email sent at the beginning of the month in which CAR's records indicate the license is due to renew and a subsequent reminder e-mail sent at the beginning of the next month to those agencies from whom an updated copy of the agency license has not yet been received.

Up-to-Date Email Addresses

Most correspondence between CAR and producers is email based, therefore is it important that producers assure that current and accurate email address information is on file at CAR.

Please verify the email addresses that CAR currently has on file for your agency personnel by logging into the MAIP section of CAR's website and clicking on the Producer Profile link.


Please feel free to provide feedback or suggest future MAIP Messenger topics by contacting Marian Adgate at