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Residual Market News

MAIP Rules Update

On June 19, 2009, the Commissioner of Insurance approved an amendment to Rule 31 - Assigned Risk Producer Requirements relative to the collection of copies of driver's licenses. Effective immediately, copies of Massachusetts driver's licenses ARE NOT required to be forwarded to the Assigned Risk Company with the application. Assigned Risk Producers ARE required to use the Registry of Motor Vehicles to verify the driver's license and driving record for each Massachusetts licensed applicant, and to provide accurate and up to date information on the application for insurance. Copies of driver's licenses are still required for any out of state and/or out of country licenses. In addition, any out of country license not in English, must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Assigned Risk Company Performance Standards

At its June 3, 2009 meeting, the Governing Committee unanimously voted to approve Performance Standards that establish specific timeframes and procedures for Assigned Risk Company compliance with the MAIP Rules of Operation. Each Assigned Risk Company is obligated to comply in a timely fashion and to develop any internal procedures that may be necessary to meet specific timeframes as established by the Performance Standards. This information was distributed to the Industry via Bulletin #904. The Assigned Risk Performance Standards and Non-Compliance Review Procedures will be included in the MAIP Manual of Administrative Procedures. The Non-Compliance application and reporting form may be accessed by logging onto the MAIP from CARís website and selecting the appropriate heading.


How do I determine the premium deposit?

The MAIP policy application calculates the premium and required premium deposit based on the requested coverage levels for a given risk. These calculations accurately reflect MAIP rates, and should be used when collecting the premium deposit.

I have made an assignment, but the risk would like to add a vehicle to the policy, whom do I notify?

Once an assignment has been made through the MAIP, notify the carrier receiving the assignment of any changes. Carrier information can be found on either the Company Directory or the Assignment Checklist for the application.

Access the company directory by selecting Company Directory from the Producer Tab.

- or -

Open the Assignment Checklist by selecting Assignments from the Producer Tab. Enter a Start Date and End Date that includes the date that the policy was assigned. Click Retrieve Data, and then double-click on the row displaying the applicant's name. When the application summary displays, click Checklist on the Left Navigation.


Please feel free to provide feedback or suggest future topics by contacting Kathryn Thibideau at

Going Online

The Applicant Page has a new question regarding non-renewed policy information. How do I know if the applicant qualifies?

The MAIP Policy Application has edits in place to verify that a positive response to this question and entry of prior policy information meets the eligibility requirements of Rule 21.C.1. This criterion specifies that the prior policy has been non-renewed and EITHER the applicant's producer of record for the prior policy was an ERP on the effective date of that policy, OR that the prior policy was ceded to CAR.

If a positive response is entered, the MAIP Policy Application uses the prior policy information to identify whether the applicant qualifies for transitional processing. When an applicant meets these qualifications, the Policy Application automatically calculates a 20% down payment, confirms the waiver of pre-inspection by listing it on the Assignment Checklist, and includes the prior policy information of the eligible applicant in the Remarks Section of the application.

I cannot seem to find an assigned application. Help!

Remember that applications can only be edited before assignment. Once an application has been assigned, it can only be viewed and printed.

To edit an application prior to assignment, use the following procedure:

  1. From the Producer Tab select MAIP Policy Application
  2. Click Edit
  3. When the list of pending applications appears, select (highlight) the pending application by clicking on the row displaying the applicant's name
  4. Once the correct row is selected, click Continue
  5. Edit the application by selecting options from the Left Navigation

To view and/or print an application after assignment, use this procedure:

  1. From the Producer Tab, select Assignments
  2. If necessary, select an Office Location and Agent
  3. Select an Assignment Start Date and an Assignment End Date
  4. Click Retrieve Data
  5. Once the list of applications appears, double-click on the row displaying the applicant's name.
  6. Once the application summary is displayed, the MA application (and other options) can be accessed by clicking on the desired option on the Left Navigation.


In order to access the MAIP Policy Application, the producer and all agency employees who process Massachusetts private passenger automobile policies and/or claims, must successfully complete the CAR Producer Fraud Training Seminar. This requirement applies to all current producers, as well as licensed and unlicensed employees.

New users have 6 months to fulfill this fraud training requirement. If the course is not completed in this time, or documentation of course completion is not forwarded to CAR, access to the MAIP Policy Application will be denied.

Producer Fraud Training is available at different times and in various formats. For a list of the vendors and all available formats, please visit the MAIP Training page.