Taxi, Limo, Car Service Program Consolidation

Consolidation of Taxi, Limo and Car Service Program into full Servicing Carrier Program – Policies Effective
January 1, 2022 and Subsequent

Please be advised that a new five-year commercial automobile residual market Servicing Carrier term will begin for policies effective January 1, 2022 and subsequent. The existing four Servicing Carriers, Arbella, Commerce, Pilgrim and Safety, were all selected to continue servicing the residual market for the new term.

New for the upcoming term, however, is the consolidation of the Taxi, Limousine and Car Service Servicing Carrier program into the full Servicing Carrier program. As a result, all commercial residual market policies, including taxi, limo, and car service classes of business, with policy effective dates of January 1, 2022 and subsequent will be serviced by your individually assigned full commercial auto Servicing Carrier. There will no longer be separately assigned Taxi, Limo and Car Service Servicing Carriers.

Questions on policy submissions, coverage, classification, or other policy related issues should be directed to your assigned Servicing Carrier.

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