Governing Committee Meeting - June 27, 2024

A meeting of the Governing Committee was held on Tuesday, June 18, 2024.

Commercial Automobile Committee

The Governing Committee approved the proposed amendments to Chapter X of the Manual of Administrative Procedures relative to default procedures for classification assignment.

Refer to Bulletin No. 1170 for additional information.

The Governing Committee also approved the adoption of the On-Hook Coverage Endorsement CA 04-52 form to be filed with CAR’s next rate filing, including the proposed rule change to the CAR Massachusetts Commercial Automobile Insurance Manual.

Commercial Program Oversight Committee

The Governing Committee approved the Request for Proposal for Commercial Servicing Carrier Appointments and authorized distribution.

Governing Committee Review Panel

Counsel advised that the Panel’s ruled that an Assigned Risk Company practice that demands payment in full of the remaining policy premium balance upon issuance of a third cancellation notice violates CAR Rule of Operation 28, Section C.2. titled Installment Plan. Accordingly, counsel advised that all ARCs will be notified of the finding and instructed to discontinue and such practice.

Refer to Bulletin No. 1167 for additional information.

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