Business Operations

The Business Operations Department is comprised of the Actuarial/Statistical Services, Compliance Audit, Operations Services and Residual Market Services departments.

The Actuarial/Statistical Services Department performs analytical work in support of the Actuarial Committee's review of Rule 11 participation and Rule 29 quota share components and the Rule 29 credit offer and the Loss Reserving Committee's projection of reserve amounts and ultimate deficits. The department calculates participation ratios, quota share and ceding expense allowances, reviews and files MAIP private passenger and CAR commercial rates, prepares rate pages, develops management reports including residual market volume and other book of business related analyses and fulfills ad hoc data requests.

The Compliance Audit Department performs audits of the premium and loss statistical data reported by CAR’s Member Companies. The audits include underwriting premium audits, claim reviews measuring compliance with the Performance Standards, Special Investigative Unit audits, reviews of premium and loss data to assure adherence to statutory requirements and the Rules of Operation, reviews assuring the consistency of company claim practices between the voluntary and the residual market, and audits to assure the quality of the data used in the Quota Share calculation and ratemaking processes.

The Operations Services Department provides support to companies relative to the collection, processing, and editing of company-reported data, ensuring timely submission and data accuracy. The department assists companies in resolving data reporting and data quality issues, supports website applications, provides company training and manages the security access for both telecommunications and website applications.

The Residual Market Services Department maintains the MAIP Policy Application system, provides customer service to Assigned Risk Producers relative to MAIP issues, assures producer compliance with the Rules of Operation and oversees producer certification and residual market relationships between companies and producers, including the mediation of residual market issues. The department oversees company membership issues and member compliance with CAR requirements and monitors the quality of reported ceded commercial automobile premium data via the Rate Edit Program, including cession eligibility and coverage issues and Servicing Carrier compliance with the Experience Rating Plan.

Contact Information

Ms. Wendy Browne
Vice President of Business Operations

Mr. Timothy Galligan
Actuarial/Statistical Services Director

Mr. Mark Alves
Corporate Auditor & Director

Ms. Lynne Rosenburg
Director of Operations & Residual Market Services

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