Commercial Manual Rules Placed on File - July 27, 2018

In conjunction with recently approved modifications to Rule 6 – Coverages of CAR's Rules of Operation, the Division of Insurance placed on file amendments to CAR's Commercial Automobile Insurance Manual Rules 3, 55, 75, and 126.

The amendments restrict coverage to only those vehicles that are specifically described on the policy declarations and designated with an ISO Covered Auto Designation Symbol of 7 (specifically described autos), 8 (hired autos) or 9 (non-owned autos). Policies written on the Business Auto Coverage Form with designated ISO symbol codes of 1 (any auto) would no longer be cedeable to CAR. Accordingly, Servicing Carriers will no longer be able to employ composite, gross receipts, or mileage based rating options for ceded policies written on the Business Auto Policy.

For further information, refer to Bulletin No. 1056 and Commercial Lines Notice Nos. 121 and 122

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